Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Business card pouch

I know the picture isn't great (I'm getting tired now!) but could do with your opinions as to whether I make any more of these. This is a business card holder with a metal keyring loop. It takes around 50 standard business and is fully lined, no seams showing and I think they would be useful for taking to craft fayres etc. There have been times when I wish I'd had my cards with me, and now I have no excuse!!

Do you think I should sell them and if so how much for?? Would be grateful for your input!!

Thanks!! :)


  1. That's a great idea ! I would think about £5 is a fair price.
    Lovely things in your shop !

  2. Love it and agree with the price susiej gave above.

    Let us know when you list it :)

  3. Agree with Susiej above - fab item and the £5 mark sounds reasonable.

  4. I really like that! What a fab idea - agree with above pricing :)